5 Herbs And Essential Oils That Can Help Reset Your Hormones


Hormones regulate your internal balance, and promote normal function of every bodily process.

These are some of the primary hormones in the body:

Reproductive hormones:

Both genders have reproductive hormones, and any imbalance puts high risk of developing cancer. Estrogen and progesterone regulate cycles, fertility and pH values in the vagina. Testosterone regulates fertility, bones, libido and red blood cells in men.

Sleep hormones:

Imbalanced melatonin levels result in poor health, unhealthy sleeping habits, diseases, etc.

Thyroid hormones:

Triiodothyronine and thyroxine regulate metabolism.

Adrenal hormones:

Cortisol optimizes the function of your metabolism and handles stress.

Hormones are designed to function in an ideal balance. Even the slightest imbalance may result in severe side-effects such as weight gain, fatigue, and aches.

Herbs are super powerful, and they can actually help you control your hormones. We give you 4 amazing herbs, and each of them has a magnificent effect on your hormones.

  1. Clary sage – Painless menopause

Clary sage lowers cortisol levels and boosts the production of estrogen in menopausal women. According to a study, clary sage oil inhalations reduces cortisol level in women over 50. The same method provided a small reduction in thyroid hormones.

  1. Myrtle – Healthy sleep

This is the greatest hypnotic herb. It’s been long used as a natural sedative, and has the power to promote deeper sleep and muscle relaxation. Lab studies have shown that myrtle essential oil slows down the brain function and prolongs sleeping. This confirms its anti-anxiety properties.

  1. Thyme – Breast cancer prevention

An in-vitro study showed that thyme binds to progesterone, a hormone that plays important role in menstrual cycle and pregnancy. Phytoestrogens and phytoprogestins in thyme block progesterone by mimicking the effect of anti-progesterone drugs. These also inhibit the growth of abnormal breast cancer cells.

  1. Holy Basil – Say ‘no’ to anxiety

Holy basil lowers cortisol levels. According to a study, 6-week treatments “fix” sleep disorders, memory issues, sexual problems, and exhaustion.

  1. Sandalwood – Anti-stress bomb

Sandalwood aromatherapy helps women who go through breast biopsy. Scientists observed the effect of two combinations, and women who had lavender and sandalwood felt better than women who received orange and peppermint essential oil.

Oil inhalations help cancer patients who deal with insomnia. Most of the combinations use sandalwood essential oil.

Use of healing herbs

Adding herbs to your food and drinks is the easiest way to use them. Use the oils to make yourself a nice cup of tea, extracts, ointments, and poultices.

Add a few drops of herb-based essential oils to your bath or apply them on your skin. If you use these oils topically, make sure you combine them with carrier oils. You can add a few drops of the oil to your diffuser.

If by any chance you didn’t know it, extracts are concentrated “bombs” of healing herbs. Use them as tinctures or take them before you eat or drink anything 1-2 mL). There are also pills and powder forms.

Always use certified organic herbal teas. Keep in mind that whole leaf are a much better option than tea bags. Drink your herbal tea three times a day.

Always consult your doctor before you use any herb in order to prevent any interference with your medication or experience severe side-effects.

Source: healthylivingthread.com