Wrap Your Feet With Aluminum Foil For 1 Hour. You Will Be...

Wrap Your Feet With Aluminum Foil For 1 Hour. You Will Be Surprised!


Did you know that except in the kitchen, aluminum foil can be used to treat and to solve some health problems?

Aluminum foil to reduce the temperaturewrap-your-feet-with-aluminum-foil-for-1-hour-you-will-be-surprised

The aluminum foil is extremely effective in combating symptoms of flu and colds.

The feet should be wrapped in 5-7 layers with aluminum foil during one hour.

Then remove foil and repeat the process for another hour. The process should be repeated over 7 days or until you feel better.

Aluminium foil for minor burns

Once you apply the ointment for burns, wrap the injured area with aluminum foil. Allow to stand overnight. Repeat the procedure until there is a noticeable improvement.

It can help to prevent insomnia and fatigue

First you have to leave a few aluminum strips in refrigerator for 2-4 hours. Then, apply them to your face, especially the cheeks and eyelids.

After a while will notice that your muscles begin to relax, and when you remove the strips will notice positive changes. Finally, problems with insomnia and fatigue will be solved.

Aluminium foil for phantom pain

Phantom pains are virtually pain for which no one knows why and where they come from.

Wrap the sore spot with aluminum foil and fastened with a bandage. Leave until the pain disappears or until you notice improvement.

Incredible remedy for joint pain

This procedure should be done before bedtime. Wrap the sore spot with aluminum foil, fix with a bandage and leave on overnight. Repeat this procedure 10-12 days and then take a break of 2 weeks.